#Lemron The #Conartist #trickster by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lemron is conning away but I guess his congame sin’t that strong. So now he’s trying to catch some mistletoe. but he can’t do that either. Oh poor Lemron. You’ll find the mistletoe one day, or neverday. and he made a new song….it goes, Lemmie, Lemmie, Lemron the con, I don’t drive no hemi but you’ll see me in a Bentley, Lemmie Lemmie, Lemron the con, thank you fools, I just conned for allowing me to life this nice life, Ha Ha, cons rule fool I thought you knew.

Oh Lemmie.

james creative arts and entertainment company-lemronthecon-jcaaec
lemronthecon-jcaaec-december-2017-james creative arts and entertainment company