#Lemron The #conartist is scamming away with #scamburger so sad by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lemron and scamburger are scamming away again. So sad friends so sad. Let this be a lesson in trust. Trust is earned. Not learned. Stay positive but be aware. Lemron and scamburger beef are out there.

scamburger and lemron the con-jcaaec


#Lemron The #Conartist and #scamburger are running game again by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lemron the conman and his friend scamburger are tricking people again this time with lemonberrry juice to seduce and fake phones to phone home.

education-kidsshow-lemron the conartist

#Lemron The #conartist is getting an #award for #hater of the year by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lemron is funny. He decided to make some new money. But first things first. He accepts his award for Conartist of the Year I mean hater of the year with scamburger beef.

Hater of the year-jcaaec-lemron the conartist-scamburger beef
Hater of the year-jcaaec-lemron the conartsit-scamburger beef

#Lemron The #Conartist and #SCamburger Beef are #conning another #mark by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lemron and scamburger are convincing a guy to sign a note that has lots of hope for his future and future earnings. Sometimes we forget even they cash is given now the price paid for it might not be worth it.

jcaaec-scamburgerbeef has no teeth-lemrontheconartist