#Lemron The #Conartist is doing his selflove dance by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lemron is in his self love phase and is conning away. Again.

Lemron the trickster conartist by Cartoonist Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company. jcaaec

#Lemron The True #conartist by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Here we have Lemron running around and getting down.  but this time it looks like he conned someone. what Lemron did. Nooooo.  Well hererhe is conning away again.  People please be aware during these holidays as scam season is in full effect.  Stay alert.

jcaaec-james creative arts and entertainment company
Lemron The conartist is conning away again. James creative arts and entertainment company